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1. Privacy and data

At BestHotelOffers, we are dedicated to be fully compliant with GDPR, which starts on May 25th in 2018.


Privacy and the discrete use of personal data is of extreme importance to us. Therefore, BestHotelOffers will be fully fair and fully transparent in all stages of data processing.


This Privacy Policy covers information collected through the following:


  • The BestHotelOffers website, for every device

  • The BestHotelOffers mobile app, for both IOS and Android


Please note that this policy may be updated from time to time.


1.1 Collected data

At BestHotelOffers, the following data can be collected or processed:


  • Contact details: E-mail address. Please note that the only time the e-mail address is collected is when you send us an e-mail or contact us through the contact page. The e-mail address is uses for the sole purpose of replying on your question or feedback. Correspondence through e-mail with you is recorded.

  • Basic information about your computer: information such as IP address, operating system, language/locale settings and device- and browser type is automatically collected. This happens even if you don’t make a booking. For mobile device users, we also collect data which identifies the type of phone you are using, device-specific settings and characteristics and other system activity.

  • User preferences data: Your language- and currency settings, start- and end date, destination and/or hotel of your hotel search.

  • Location information: When searching for a ‘hotel near me’ on the mobile site or app, we use the precise geographic location of your device to provide you with search results of hotels near you. Of course this is only the case if you gave permission on your device to do so. We do not use the location information for any other purpose and we do not store it in a database.

  • Reviews: Guest reviews about hotels may contain names.This data is collected (with the appropriate consent) by HotelsCombined, our affiliate partner. BestHotelOffers only acts as a processor in this case and we do not collect or control this data, nor do we use or share it for marketing purposes.

  • Lead- and bookingdata:

    • Users are given an unique, non-identifiable user-ID by our affiliatepartner HotelsCombine if they made a click-out to a booking site. These ID’s will be used for the sole purpose of counting (aggregated) average leads and/or bookings per visitor.

    • Users are given an unique, non-identifiable lead-ID and booking-ID by HotelsCombined if they made a click-out to and/or a booking on a booking site. These ID’s are used by HotelsCombined for reporting purposes.

    • The lead- and booking-ID’s also contains additional data which are non-identifiable and used for (aggregated) reporting- and analyses purposes only.

      • A non-identifiable label to track campaign information

      • The language setting of the user

      • The user country location

      • Device type (mobile, desktop or tablet) of the user

      • Booking information such as the booked hotel, length of stay and booking value

  • User behaviour data: User behaviour data (such as click-, device- and navigation behaviour, but also demographics- and interest data such as age, gender and interest) may be aggregated and can be used in our website statistics programs (such as Google Analytics).

    • Also, these website statistics are shared with our affiliate partner HotelsCombined (for reporting purposes only). This data is aggregated and non-identifiable.

    • Website statistics (such as visited pages) may be used for personalisation on the BestHotelOffers website (for example, to show you suggestions based on your destination search).

    • Website statistics (such as visited pages) may be used for remarketing purposes (when a cookie is placed). For more information on cookies and how to disable them, please click here.

1.2 Data storage

  • Storage of a user’s e-mail (for communications only) is necessary for fast and accurate response. The e-mail address will not be used for anything else.

  • Storage of (pseudo)anonymous data is limited to our internal servers (based in the Netherlands) and to that of HotelsCombined (based in Australia). Storage of (pseudo)anonymous data has no time limit, as it is not possible to identify the individual user. The data is needed for revenue and cost insights.


Please be aware that BestHotelOffers provides links to third party websites (after a search) to complete your booking. We recommend you read the privacy policies of the third party website that you visit. BestHotelOffers is not responsible for content on third party websites.


We may retain certain (non-personal) information for analytical purposes as well as for recordkeeping integrity. The periods for which we retain information depends on the in purpose for which the data is collected and used.


1.3 Sensitive data

We do not collect or process any personal information which are stated as ‘sensitive’ by GDPR. Sensitive data can be race, ethnicity, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, health status, sexual life, criminal offences or penalties etc.

1.4 Purpose limitations

General information about how we may use your data:


  • Communications: communicating with you in any way (such as e-mail, phone, chat, social media or in person) for service purposes, only if you opted-in or provided us with your contact information.

  • Reporting and analyses: we used aggregated click-, lead- and bookingdata for our web statistic tools to constantly improve our services.

  • Website personalisation: based on your navigation, we may personalize your website experience. For example, you can get an overview of the hotels or cities you’ve navigated to, your language- and currency settings are saved for any next time visit, as is the calendar-date you’ve entered. Also, when you give permission to use your location on a mobile device, this can be used to give you search results of hotels near you. None of this information is personal, nor can it identify you.

  • Advertising: when browsing our website, several cookies are stored. These cookies can be used by BestHotelOffers or third parties to serve you relevant ads the next time you do a Google Search or browse the web on relevant sites. For more on cookies and how to disable them, please click here.

  • Segmenting: Your (non-personal) data may be used by third parties (such as Google) for audience and for personalizing your web experience. For logged in Google-users; you can, if you wish, opt-out of the personalised Google Advertising here: For other targeted advertising options and to opt-out of this, please visit or

  • Legal: When we believe it’s necessary in order to take action (for example to prevent or to investigate) regarding illegal activities. This includes suspected fraud, potential threats or other violations.


About sharing with third parties:

We may share information with the following entities:


  • Suppliers, including but not limited to hotels or other third-party agents whom fulfil your booking. This may contain data such as the hotel you’ve compared and the dates you’ve selected. There is no personal data here.

  • You must review the privacy policies, terms of use, and other policies of any travel supplier whose products and services you may purchase through this site. Please note that these suppliers also may contact you as necessary to obtain additional information about you or your travel plans, to facilitate your travel booking, or for other purposes consistent with the practices described in their privacy policies and terms of use.

  • Third parties who provide services or functions on our behalf, such as marketing activities and fraud protection.


Other than as set out above, you will be notified when personal information about you will be shared with third parties, and you will have an opportunity to choose not to have us share such information.

1.5 Data protection and security

Access to data is limited to employees who have a legitimate reason to use your data in order to do their jobs. Furthermore, we have structured our data in a way to prevent loss, misuse or unauthorised access.


1.6 Your personal data rights

You have the right to review, modify and to delete your personal data. As BestHotelOffers is not actively storing or processing any personal data. However, if you have any questions regarding the data we do collect, please contact us at

1.7 Children’s information

No one under the age of 18 may use these Services. We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from children under 18, and will delete any that we learn we have collected or received that was not provided by, or with express consent on behalf of, the child's parent or legal guardian.


2. About cookies

BestHoteloffers uses cookies.


Cookies are used for the website to send certain information to your browser or device. Your browser or device holds these cookies and make them available every time you visit a site again so it can remember important information. This information is used to enhance your experience on the website (such as remembering a previous hotel search, your currency- and language setting, etc).


Please see this page for all the information on cookies and how to disable them.

3. More information

3.1 Contact

For more information regarding privacy and data collection by BestHotelOffers, please send an email to



Achtergracht 27a

1017WL Amsterdam

The Netherlands.

3.2 Links and references





  • Your (non-personal) data may be used by third parties (such as Google) for audience and for personalizing your web experience. For logged in Google-users; you can, if you wish, opt-out of the personalised Google Advertising here:


3.3 Version and date


Date of current version: 28-05-2018

Date of next review: 10-11-2018


4. Terms


  • HotelsCombined: This is our affiliatepartner. HotelsCombined provide us with hotel databases and lead- and bookingreports.

  • Lead: a lead is a click-out to a bookings. If, for example, you’ve done a search in our searchbox, you’ll get a list of hotels and prices for that hotel as search results. You can complete the booking on the booking site. A click to a booking site is what we call a ‘lead’ or ‘click-out’.

  • Controller: The one responsible for the data. As stated by GDPR: “Taking into account the nature, scope, context and purposes of processing as well as the risks of varying likelihood and severity for the rights and freedoms of natural persons, the controller shall implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure and to be able to demonstrate that processing is performed in accordance with this Regulation.”

  • Processor: The one processing data on behalf of the controller.

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